Credit Suisse Womens World Cup

To help support the Swiss Womens Soccer team in the 2015 Worldcup in Canada we developed a website and community platform which gave parents the opportunity to send their children to train with the Swiss National Team.

The campaign ran in national publications, was supported by window displays, kisosks and posters nationwide. The website includes a community photo gallery where parents can like, share and download photos of their children.


Swiss Finance Institute & Zeb: Swiss Asset Management Index

Developed by the Swiss Finance Institute and Zeb Consulting, the Swiss Asset Management Index is the first edition of an annual survey measuring the sentiment of the asset management industry in Switzerland.

More than a survey, we set out to create a brand. The index should stand on it’s own as a recognised, authority in the industry. To increase engagement, we developed a custom design, with interactive charts and visuals to keep the user moving through the survey.


Actelion Pharmaceuticals: Launch

Actelion Pharmaceuticals is a specialty pharma company working on rare diseases. One such disease is Niemann-Pick Type C. One of the major challenges all rare diseases face is proper diagnosis. In the case of NP-C performing a simple eye examination, properly, can reveal early indicators of the disease. Although all doctors are taught how to perform and eye examination, few actually do it regularly. is a medical information platform designed to help doctors learn how to perform an eye examination, learn how to spot potential disorders, and understand the neurological disfunction involved.

ICON Worldwide developed the NeurOcular platform as an independent brand, supported by Actelion. We produced the video series with a leading neurologist, managed the content development with medical experts, and built the website using responsive design.