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Behind the Growth in HTML5 Based WebApps for Publishers & Business

Launched last week, the FT app has had 100,000 user downloads! Discussing the drawbacks of the iTunes App. Store subscription model for publishers, MB Christie, Head of Product Development for the FT (via: says, “By not knowing who are our customers are, we can’t give access to all devices, if you signed up. is a side benefit of not having to go through the Apple cycle. However, it would have been a different conversation if the data was available.... Only 50 percent of consumers who buy through the App Store opt to... More Info

NPR’s Robert Kurlich, "If you can… fall in love, with the work…."

So, after writing the post below, we wanted to think more about how young designers should actually proceed in practical terms.  And, then I stumbled on NPR journalist Robert Kurlich’s commencement address to the Berkeley School of Journalism.  Much of what he say’s to journalists enterring the market is equally relevant for designers. You can read his complete speech on the Discover Blog.

    “What if – and here’s a horrible thought – that because you were born in 1980, or 82, 85, 87, graduating into a job-stricken, wildly changing... More Info

Prolonged US Unemployment, The Non-Recovery & What it Means for Young Designers

Paul Krugman’s op-ed in last weeks New York Times neatly summarizes the dire economic and political situation presently facing the United States and eloquently addresses the long-term impact of prolonged unemployment.

    “Unemployment isn’t just blighting the lives of millions, it’s undermining America’s future. The longer this goes on… …the more young people will find their prospects destroyed because they can’t find a decent starting job.”

At ICON Worldwide, we are very close to this issue, we see a lot of recent college graduates and have a very clear sense of... More Info

Managing Social Media Evolution: Our Work for the Michael J. Fox Foundation & The St.Gallen MBA.

Managing social media within small to mid-size companies requires ongoing optimization. Depending on how slow or fast an organization was to embrace social media, determines where they find themselves today. Many companies, for example, who were quick to implement Twitter, Facebook and YouTube channels, now find themselves faced with the challenge of harmonizing their brands appearance, and developing a cohesive strategy for each channel.

Likewise, companies who quickly added "Like" and "Twitter" buttons to the bottom of their website pages now face the challenge of creating fully integrated "Share" functionality without the delay and cost of a complete website... More Info

TEDx Zurich

The first TEDx Zurich event was awesome!  The "x" in TEDx is important, and one has to abandon comparisons to the original TED conference. The TEDx concept is just different, independent from TED supervision and fueled by the enthusiasm of the local organizers and presenters- big thank you to both.

The TED conference is surprisingly not so well known over here, many people, organizers and presenters alike, admitted they had never heard of TED prior to the Zurich event.  To my mind, the missed opportunity was not reaching out to the broader Swiss business and social community.  Zurich is a... More Info

How Universities & Companies Can Partner to Lead Innovation

For a recent client presentation, we dove into the massive potential that exists for Universities and Corporations to foster and support the new technologies and businesses needed to drive the economic rebound.

Indeed, neither party was particularly fast out of the gate when the financial crisis arrived. And, both Universities and Corporations were, justifiably, blamed for much of the economic collapse and it's impact on society. Universities, in particular MBA programs, were accused of embracing the culture of greed, and focussing on creating consultants and bankers with no real commitment to society. Likewise, many major corporations, over-leveraged... More Info

Mobile is Mainstream: The Two Most Important Slides of the Year

So far this year, two slides have shaped our conversations more than any other. Both come from the Morgan Stanley internet trends report, see my earlier blog post: MS

The first slide demonstrates that Global 3G penetration has reached the point of inflection, whereby it is available to the mass market:

The second slide charts the purchase growth of Smart Phones versus PC shipments:

The combined effect of these trends is clear: Mobile internet has reached the mainstream and clients and agencies need to adapt... More Info

Performance is a Multiplier: Good Work For Good Clients Brings More of the Same

Just this week we were called in by three clients, in new positions in new organizations. This means a lot: it's a a recognition that, with their own personal success on the line, they come to us because they know, from past experience, that we will deliver.

And, in return, we WILL deliver, and put our best work forward. In these cases, budgets become a secondary consideration. We are thinking about our personal commitments to friends and colleagues, and investing in long-term relationships. This is formula for mutual success.

Good Work for Good Clients, Will Bring More... More Info

Morgan Stanley Internet Trends: CM Summit Presentation Highlights

This great presentation developed by Mary Meeker at Morgan Stanley and delivered at the CM Summit in NY this week gives an excellent overview of market trends, forces and where we stand now on technology and innovation.  Among the many important points re: current technology innovation are (thx @hblodget):

Android smartphone shipments almost now equal iPhone shipments: Apple's app leverage may disappear fast, app developers need to focus on Mobile platforms beyond iPhone

Global 3G wireless penetration just hit 20%, which is usually the inflection point to very rapid growth

iPad Internet usage is more similar to desktop usage than smartphone usage... More Info