Amazon Fire

This whole Amazon Fire has gone over much better than I think most people expected. They expected another sub par Android Tablet. What they got was a pretty good run a taking on and possibly creating an Android Market. The focus on this tablet seems to be entertainment. Reading books, watching tv and movies, and surfing the web (clearly that was high on the list). This is no iPad killer, it’s at best an iPad competitor.

What I think amazon has done best here is keep simple. Really this seems like a MVP (minmum viable product), it’s got the basics of what a tablet needs. It’s done those things very well (on paper at least, no one has one or has reviewed it). It seems Amazon wanted to play in the tablet game before it was too late. Smart. They aren’t shipping a crappy product or something sub par. They are shipping something that is basic, email, (take note RIM), a media player a browser and a way to read books. It doesn’t have a calendar or a way to take notes. It’s simple. They’ll ship something people will buy, listen to feedback, iterate, refine and ship an update or new tablet.

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