Switzerland Leads 2011 Global Innovation Index

According to an the 2011 Global Innovation Index issued by INSEAD in collaboration with the UN, Switzerland is the most innovative country in the world, taking a leading position in important areas such as trademark applications, university & industry collaboration and science outputs.  When you think of Innovation, you think about new ideas, technologies and the ability to build businesses around this.  In these areas, related to Technology and Creativity, Switzerland ranked at the bottom of the list.  More details: JGlicksberg.com  New ideas and technologies connected with business are critical innovations that drive a large part of our society today. Nobody will deny the impact that technical attainments such as the iPhone, Google and Facebook had on our society in the last decade.

Unfortunately and unnecessarily, the small country in the heart of Europe needs to catch up in the field of creativity and technology, still facing high costs for startups, low online participation and creative services exports. Switzerland has proven its brainpower in research and science, but with more and more white collar jobs being outsourced to China and India, the competition is getting fierce. The actions of companies like Google and Yahoo!, which both established major offices in Switzerland, show that the country is attractive to business for many reasions, but if it wants to keep up, it needs to broaden its view and to put more effort into developing effective communication tools.

If Switzerland were able to establish itself as not only a leading force in the world in science, but then connect these achievements to technology and communicate them effectively through innovative, creative marketing, it could truly expand on the innovation promise.  Particularly in the current economic climate, Switzerland is well postitioned to promote investment in innovative platforms.  With strong govenment support, venture resources combined with the already present pharma and science leadership, a terrific platform is already in place for REAL innovation.

As a marketing and technology startup, this is an opportunity for us to help innovative Swiss companies to develop modern and creative marketing and communication methods.   And we see huge opportunities to partner with our clients in science, pharma and education to create innovative products and platforms to help Swiss companies compete effectively on an international level.