Discover Your Car4You

Introducing the new mobile apps for iPhone, Android and iPad. is one of Switzerland’s largest online platforms for auto sales. Part of the Tamedia organization, is competing in a...
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  admin 18 Jun 2014

Credit Suisse: Student Community

Introducing the new Project Firefly website redesign. Since it's inception almost four years ago, Project Firefly has emerged as a truly unique platform for young academics to distinguish themselves. ...
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  admin 10 Jun 2014

Vifor Pharma: Iron Deficiency Awareness

For Vifor Pharma, we created, a comprehensive website devoted to providing consumers and healthcare professionals with information about iron deficiency and anaemia. Although, common and widespread, Iron Deficiency is...
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  admin 23 Apr 2014

Actelion Pharma Community Platform

Basel based Actelion Pharmaceuticals is focussed on rare diseases such as Niemann Pick Type C which has approx 500 patients worldwide. As such, the number of doctors with real practical...
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  admin 18 Jan 2014

Bilanz: Credit Suisse #1 in Social Media

The August, 2013 edition of Swiss finance magazine Bilanz ranked Swiss banks, of which there are A LOT, for their use of digital media. ICON client Credit Suisse came out on...
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  admin 09 Aug 2013

Facebook Apps for Business

Facebook Apps. are the essential tool to making the most out of your Facebook fanpage.  While Facebook continues to refine and optimize its advertising options, they remain limited and audiences are...
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  admin 20 Jun 2013

Credit Suisse Federer Fan Wall

In advance of the 2013 Grand Slam tennis tournament season, Credit Suisse has launched an update of its Federer Fan Wall Facebook app.  Last year thousands of fans congratulated Roger as...
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  admin 09 Jun 2013

Facebook Global Fanpages

In the continuing evolution of how global brands manage their Facebook presence there are some interesting new features for fanpages on the way.  Large global brands are well advised to prepare...
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  admin 26 Apr 2013

University of Luzern

Introducing a fresh new look for the Institute of Business Law at the University of Luzern.  The flagship of Executive Education at the University, the Institute of Business Law is rapidly...
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  admin 26 Apr 2013

Credit Suisse: Roger Federer #1RF

As Roger Federer advanced through this years Wimbeldon tournament it became slowly clear that tennis history was being made.  By beating arch rival Novak Djokovic in the quarter-finals, and home-town favorite...
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  admin 02 Feb 2013

Season’s Greetings

Your gifts are waiting under the tree! We've had a great year here at ICON Worldwide filled with work we are proud of, for customers we love! A special thanks to our clients,...
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  admin 16 Dec 2012

HSG Talents Smartphone App.

For the HSG Talents Conference 2013 ICON has developed an innovative smartphone application, available for download in the iTunes Store. The web app is available here  or by entering
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  ICON Worldwide 15 Dec 2012

The Mobile Imperative for Business

The latest stats presented in the annual Internet Trends report by analyst Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byer dramatically confirms the critical role of mobile platforms for business.  Although mobile...
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  admin 03 Nov 2012

ICON Winter Newsletter 2012

The growth of the mobile internet is explosive, over 10% of all internet traffic is not on mobile devices.  ICON presents some simple solutions to meet this new business challenge.  Check...
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  admin 25 Jun 2012

The Lazy User: Simplifying Interactions for the iPad

I'm lazy.

I grew up in the Internet age, with books, movies, and now pizza just a few clicks away. This convenience provided me, and those of my generation, an extremely short...
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  Brian 20 Jun 2012

Update: Social Media Strategies for Highly Regulated Industries

Update: 24.3.2012

Some interesting new developments in how financial services firms are faring in the world of social media in todays New York Times article: "On Wall Street: Keeping a...
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  admin 24 Mar 2012

Introducing Project Firefly

We are proud to introduce Project Firefly, an exciting new platform for identifying global talent. Founding sponsor Credit Suisse has taken the lead with the
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  ICON Worldwide 20 Feb 2012

Switzerland Leads 2011 Global Innovation Index

According to an the 2011 Global Innovation Index issued by INSEAD in collaboration with the UN, Switzerland is the most innovative country in the world, taking a leading position in...
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  admin 01 Nov 2011

Amazon Fire

This whole Amazon Fire has gone over much better than I think most people expected. They expected another sub par Android Tablet. What they got was a pretty good run a...
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  Rigel St. Pierre 01 Oct 2011

Investor Relations 3.0: Social Media und Mobile Apps für regulierte Industrien

Sowohl Social Media, als auch mobile Plattformen wie Smartphones oder Tablet PCs haben sich seit geraumer Zeit einen Platz in der Reihe der modernen Kommunikationstools gesichert. Nicht nur für die zwischenmenschlichte...
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  admin 01 Sep 2011

Case Study: Using Social Media to Support Rare Disease Research

There is an enormous struggle to leverage the strengths of social media in the health care space. This challenge is widely discussed in the media as pharma companies seek clear guidelines...
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  admin 20 Aug 2011

St.Columbanus AG

St. Columbanus AG is a new asset management company in Switzerland with a special focus on clients based in Ireland. Leveraging Switzerlands heritage as a safe and stable financial market, the...
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  ICON Worldwide 16 Aug 2011

Mobile Apps. Are Revolutionizing Investor Relations

Todays Investor Relations professional is living in a fast paced, highly reactive environment.  Gone are the days of the quarterly and annual report, the investor conference call and the occasional press...
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  admin 28 Jun 2011

Behind the Growth in HTML5 Based WebApps for Publishers & Business

Launched last week, the FT app has had 100,000 user downloads! Discussing the drawbacks of the iTunes App. Store subscription model for publishers, MB Christie, Head of Product Development for the...
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  Jon Glicksberg 17 Jun 2011

Stat of the Day: Social Drives 25% of Search Results for World’s Largest Brands

Why should large corporations take social media seriously? Consider this chart:

- 25% of search results for the world's largest brands are user generated content
- "Share" is replacing email as a communication...
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  admin 26 May 2011

NPR’s Robert Kurlich, "If you can… fall in love, with the work…."

So, after writing the post below, we wanted to think more about how young designers should actually proceed in practical terms.  And, then I stumbled on
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  Jon Glicksberg 14 May 2011

Prolonged US Unemployment, The Non-Recovery & What it Means for Young Designers

Paul Krugman’s op-ed in last weeks New York Times neatly summarizes the dire economic and political situation presently facing the United States and eloquently...
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  Jon Glicksberg 07 May 2011

Engineering Success: RWTH Aachen University

The RWTH Aachen University is one of Germany's leading engineering university. Executive Education is consolidated at the International Academy. ICON has begun a rebranding of...
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  ICON Worldwide 04 Apr 2011

Managing Social Media Evolution: Our Work for the Michael J. Fox Foundation & The St.Gallen MBA.

Managing social media within small to mid-size companies requires ongoing optimization. Depending on how slow or fast an organization was to embrace social media, determines where they find themselves today. ...
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  Jon Glicksberg 27 Feb 2011

Create Your Future! The HSG TALENTS Conference 2011

For the second year, ICON is pleased to support the HSG TALENTS Conference. The largest recruiting event in Switzerland, the conference is an opportunity for potential...
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  ICON Worldwide 20 Feb 2011

ICON Launches Social Media for Michael J. Fox Foundation

ICON New York has introduced a new social media program for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.  The Michael J. Fox Foundation is a leading fund...
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  ICON Worldwide 07 Feb 2011

ICON Launches Three New Websites for University of St.Gallen.

ICON has developed three new websites for the premier Masters programs of the University of St.Gallen.  The websites for The St.Gallen MBA, Executive MBA and...
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  ICON Worldwide 09 Jan 2011

ICON Launches Swiss Foundation Against Anxiety & Depression

The Swiss Foundation Against Anxiety & Depression (SFAD) is committed to raising awareness for mental health related issues in Switzerland. Anxiety, Depression and mental health issues tend...
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  ICON Worldwide 04 Dec 2010

TEDx Zurich

The first TEDx Zurich event was awesome!  The "x" in TEDx is important, and one has to abandon comparisons to the original TED conference. The TEDx concept is just different, independent...
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  Jon Glicksberg 18 Nov 2010

How Universities & Companies Can Partner to Lead Innovation

For a recent client presentation, we dove into the massive potential that exists for Universities and Corporations to foster and support the new technologies and businesses needed to drive the economic...
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  Jon Glicksberg 30 Sep 2010

Mobile is Mainstream: The Two Most Important Slides of the Year

So far this year, two slides have shaped our conversations more than any other. Both come from the Morgan Stanley internet trends report, see my earlier blog post: MS

The first...
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  Jon Glicksberg 23 Sep 2010

ICON Awarded Redesign of University of St.Gallen Executive School Websites Including, MBA & Executive MBA.

ICON Worldwide has been awarded the redesign of the University of St.Gallen Executive School website, including websites for The St.Gallen MBA and
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  ICON Worldwide 13 Sep 2010

Introducing the 2010 Supelco Seminar Series

  ICON Worldwide 10 Sep 2010

Fall Campaign for the Executive MBA of the University of St.Gallen

ICON Worldwide is pleased to announce the launch of the fall campaign for the Executive MBA of the University of St.Gallen, the top...
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  ICON Worldwide 08 Sep 2010

Behind the Online Career Counselor

The Executive School at the University of St.Gallen is one of the leading business Universities in Europe providing Executive Education to individuals and companies. With a portfolio of over 350...
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  ryan 07 Sep 2010

2010 Sigma-Aldrich Hydranal Catalog

  ICON Worldwide 01 Sep 2010

The University of St.Gallen 2011 Executive Education Catalog

  ICON Worldwide 30 Aug 2010

Performance is a Multiplier: Good Work For Good Clients Brings More of the Same

Just this week we were called in by three clients, in new positions in new organizations. This means a lot: it's a a recognition that, with their own personal success...
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  Jon Glicksberg 08 Aug 2010

The ICON Site Refresh

We have spent much of the first half of the year working with our clients to develop marketing programs with a heavy focus on social media, mobile applications, blogs, etc.  We've...
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  admin 25 Jul 2010

Nic Baumann: Let’s talk about web standards

Let’s talk (or rant) about web standards. I recently read an old but still relevant article about web standards it explains the different standpoints (idealist and realist) and reminded me...
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  Nicolas Baumann 20 Jul 2010

Our Why Not Client on TeleZuri

PR Momentum continues to roll for our Why Not client:
To view all press and TV click here.
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  admin 14 Jul 2010

Best Practices: Time Magazine iPad App

Time magazine is in V2 of their iPad app.  It's elevating the experience to true interactive magazine.  The photo experience, integrated interviews and commentary all point to the first truly realized...
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  admin 18 Jun 2010

Morgan Stanley Internet Trends: CM Summit Presentation Highlights

This great presentation developed by Mary Meeker at Morgan Stanley and delivered at the CM Summit in NY this week gives an excellent overview of market trends, forces and where we...
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  Jon Glicksberg 12 Jun 2010

iPad For Higher Education

We have had lots of discussion this week regarding the potential for the iPad in a University environment.  The potential is clearly exciting, and a huge transformation in the classroom experience...
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  admin 02 Jun 2010