Discover Your Car4You

Introducing the new mobile apps for iPhone, Android and iPad. is one of Switzerland’s largest online platforms for auto sales. Part of the Tamedia organization, is competing in a massively cluttered space, and one which is becoming more competitive every day.

As mobile continues to expand rapidly it is clear that mobile apps will play an important role in new and used auto sales. For large purchases, such as an auto, the critical research phase of the purchase decision takes place largely online. By the time the buyer gets to the dealership the purchase decision is... More Info

Credit Suisse: Student Community

Introducing the new Project Firefly website redesign. Since it's inception almost four years ago, Project Firefly has emerged as a truly unique platform for young academics to distinguish themselves. Students can submit papers for evaluation by a group of university professors from around the world. Excellent papers are published on the website, and students can win trips to thought leadership events, and be considered for employment around the world.

The new website further embraces the vision of a community of academics. In the Thought Leadership section, you can read published essays and enter a dialog with... More Info

Actelion Pharma Community Platform

Basel based Actelion Pharmaceuticals is focussed on rare diseases such as Niemann Pick Type C which has approx 500 patients worldwide. As such, the number of doctors with real practical experience diagnosing and treating this disease is also quite small. In order to facilitate collaboration and shared knowledge, we created a digital directory where doctors can create a profile and reach out to other doctors treating similar cases.
In the world of pharma, community platforms are quite unusual due to regulatory issues. We believe this platform is a unique first.

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Facebook Apps for Business

Facebook Apps. are the essential tool to making the most out of your Facebook fanpage.  While Facebook continues to refine and optimize its advertising options, they remain limited and audiences are still generally resistant.  Facebook Apps., however, present tremendous opportunities to deliver rich brand experiences.

Facebook apps., are built as stand alone websites, hosted independently, and placed into a container on a facebook fanpage.  As a stand alone website, all normal website functionality is possible, but optimized because we know "who the user is" and can take advantage of the built in Facebook multipliers of "Like" and "Share".

The Credit Suisse... More Info

Facebook Global Fanpages

In the continuing evolution of how global brands manage their Facebook presence there are some interesting new features for fanpages on the way.  Large global brands are well advised to prepare in advance.

The struggles global brands face managing their fan pages stem primarily from a lack of centralized control inherent to facebook as a community platform.  This has created multiple challenges for global brands who need to be able to connect with their customers on a local market level, including:

1. How to manage multiple fanpages set-up by local subsidiaries outside of direct corp. oversight

2. Confusing search results which can... More Info

The Mobile Imperative for Business

The latest stats presented in the annual Internet Trends report by analyst Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byer dramatically confirms the critical role of mobile platforms for business.  Although mobile is increasingly intuitive for business these stats really bring it to the point.  Mobile internet as a % of website traffic has surpassed 10%, more than doubling in the past 18mos.  Imagine, 12% of US adults own a tablet.  Revenue from mobile, driven largely by apps., is growing at a 153% annual rate.  The complete presentation is available from Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers on Scribd.

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Update: Social Media Strategies for Highly Regulated Industries

Update: 24.3.2012

Some interesting new developments in how financial services firms are faring in the world of social media in todays New York Times article: "On Wall Street: Keeping a Tight Rein On Twitter."  The article describes how companies such as Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, Guardian Life, and Wells Fargo are managing to operate within in the confines of internal compliance officers and government regulators.

Unfortunately, it seems to be a wholly "unsocial" procedure.  The article describes how, at Morgan Stanley, for example, all Tweets are prescreened by internal compliance officers.  This naturally means that all timeliness, one of... More Info

Introducing Project Firefly

We are proud to introduce Project Firefly, an exciting new platform for identifying global talent. Founding sponsor Credit Suisse has taken the lead with the Emerging Leaders Essay Competition. Students and recent graduates are invited to respond to any of four topics in an original essay. Winners will be invited to a thought leadership conference in Hong Kong.

Project Firefly is a concept that is easy to embrace. Selections will be made based solely on the merit of the intellectual contribution in blind judging by a panel of academic leaders from around... More Info

Switzerland Leads 2011 Global Innovation Index

According to an the 2011 Global Innovation Index issued by INSEAD in collaboration with the UN, Switzerland is the most innovative country in the world, taking a leading position in important areas such as trademark applications, university & industry collaboration and science outputs.  When you think of Innovation, you think about new ideas, technologies and the ability to build businesses around this.  In these areas, related to Technology and Creativity, Switzerland ranked at the bottom of the list.  More details:  New ideas and technologies connected with business are critical innovations that drive a large part of our society... More Info