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The Lazy User: Simplifying Interactions for the iPad

I'm lazy.

I grew up in the Internet age, with books, movies, and now pizza just a few clicks away. This convenience provided me, and those of my generation, an extremely short attention span when it comes to user interfaces (among other things, but thats another article). The easier and more efficient an interface gets, the more the expectations rise for even simpler functionality.

A generation ago, keying in line commands was the norm. Computers were the province of those who either built them or programmed them. It wasn't until the commercialization of the computer that any though was put into... More Info

Amazon Fire

This whole Amazon Fire has gone over much better than I think most people expected. They expected another sub par Android Tablet. What they got was a pretty good run a taking on and possibly creating an Android Market. The focus on this tablet seems to be entertainment. Reading books, watching tv and movies, and surfing the web (clearly that was high on the list). This is no iPad killer, it's at best an iPad competitor.

What I think amazon has done best here is keep simple. Really this seems like a MVP (minmum viable product), it's got the basics of... More Info

NPR’s Robert Kurlich, "If you can… fall in love, with the work…."

So, after writing the post below, we wanted to think more about how young designers should actually proceed in practical terms.  And, then I stumbled on NPR journalist Robert Kurlich’s commencement address to the Berkeley School of Journalism.  Much of what he say’s to journalists enterring the market is equally relevant for designers. You can read his complete speech on the Discover Blog.

    “What if – and here’s a horrible thought – that because you were born in 1980, or 82, 85, 87, graduating into a job-stricken, wildly changing... More Info

Prolonged US Unemployment, The Non-Recovery & What it Means for Young Designers

Paul Krugman’s op-ed in last weeks New York Times neatly summarizes the dire economic and political situation presently facing the United States and eloquently addresses the long-term impact of prolonged unemployment.

    “Unemployment isn’t just blighting the lives of millions, it’s undermining America’s future. The longer this goes on… …the more young people will find their prospects destroyed because they can’t find a decent starting job.”

At ICON Worldwide, we are very close to this issue, we see a lot of recent college graduates and have a very clear sense of... More Info

Behind the Online Career Counselor

The Executive School at the University of St.Gallen is one of the leading business Universities in Europe providing Executive Education to individuals and companies. With a portfolio of over 350 course offerings, they face a massive challenge in matching candidates with the right course to match their professional ambitions. Personal, phone based counseling, is a time-consuming task, and limits the number of candidates who can be managed. ICON was therefore tasked with developing an "intelligent" online alternative.

Each of the University's hundreds of courses is mapped... More Info

Nic Baumann: Let’s talk about web standards

Let’s talk (or rant) about web standards. I recently read an old but still relevant article about web standards it explains the different standpoints (idealist and realist) and reminded me about the issue I regularly face with cross-browser compatibility. I always cared about HTML and CSS standards such as proper semantics, not using deprecated tags or attributes and in general clean and organized code. But what I never really paid a 100% attention to was how my stuff displayed in all the different browsers, if it rendered properly in IE 8, Chrome and Firefox (if it displays properly... More Info

International Internships as a Gateway to Work.

We know how tough it is these days for designers and developers entering the workforce to get good gigs. And we also believe that a tough job market shouldn't discourage talent from pursuing their ambitions. Actually, it's in the long term interest of the marketing industry to make sure that the best talent gets the support they need to stay in the industry and advance.

Although we want the ICON internship to be fun, and love to watch everyone enjoy the Appenzeller experience, we also do our best to put an emphasis on helping people develop new skills,... More Info