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August 9, 2013

Bilanz: Credit Suisse #1 in Social Media

The August, 2013 edition of Swiss finance magazine Bilanz ranked Swiss banks, of which there are A LOT, for their use of digital media. ICON client Credit Suisse came out on top in the area of Social Media. For regulated industries like Finance, how to best use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the rest is a challenge. With the Roger Federer Fan Wall, Credit Suisse has, according to Bilanz, taken an innovative step towards putting the fan in focus:

“Thanks to a successful balance between current data from the financial sector and its (social and cultural) commitment Credit Suisse succeeds in consistently enlarging their fan base worldwide, the bank is praised in the first “digital fire check” for Swiss financial world. The study, authored by the communications agency Jung von Matt / Limmat, has exclusively compared the performances of the ten major Swiss Banking platform for the digital BALANCE each other.”

The Roger Federer Fan Wall succeeds in reaching fans in a fun, emotional forum and encouraging them to reach out with comments and posts- an action feared by most financial brands on Facebook. Once engaged, Credit Suisse is able to mix in messages related to their products, services, and further sponsorships.

Full article in German: