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June 10, 2014

Credit Suisse: Student Community

Introducing the new Project Firefly website redesign. Since it’s inception almost four years ago, Project Firefly has emerged as a truly unique platform for young academics to distinguish themselves. Students can submit papers for evaluation by a group of university professors from around the world. Excellent papers are published on the website, and students can win trips to thought leadership events, and be considered for employment around the world.

The new website further embraces the vision of a community of academics. In the Thought Leadership section, you can read published essays and enter a dialog with the authors directly. In the community section, you can meet like minded students, and reach out to them for networking opportunities. Sponsored communities, such as the Credit Suisse HOLT community, are focussed areas for students interested in specific topics to meet.

At the heart of Project Firefly, are monthly and quarterly competitions which invite students to submit essays or videos for review by the academic review board.