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June 18, 2014

Tamedia: Car4You iPhone & Android App Launch

Introducing the new mobile apps for iPhone, Android and iPad. is one of Switzerland’s largest online platforms for auto sales. Part of the Tamedia organization, is competing in a massively cluttered space, and one which is becoming more competitive every day.

As mobile continues to expand rapidly it is clear that mobile apps will play an important role in new and used auto sales. For large purchases, such as an auto, the critical research phase of the purchase decision takes place largely online. By the time the buyer gets to the dealership the purchase decision is largely already completed. This means the role and opportunity for online auto sale portals will continue to grow exponentially.

Car4You Splash Feature Image

In Switzerland, the online auto sale category is dominated by a few large players all selling the same cars, on platforms that look and worked almost identically. Meanwhile all of the major auto brands are experimenting with online sales. Perhaps more daunting, for used car sellers, is the entry of large online retailers like Ebay, Google or Amazon who bring huge advantages of scale and experience. As in the offline world, big brands sell on brand loyalty, while used car sales remains a lowest price, emotion free decision.

“Discover Your Car4You”

“Discover Your Car4You” is a complete concept with the goal to meet the challenges of the mobile marketplace, and elevate the experience of used car shopping. It began with the order to develop a new mobile app. and then extended into a brand and communications concept.

We took a few key steps to try to reimagine the process of buying and selling a used car from your phone or tablet. While all car shopping apps focus on search, this presumes a user already knows exactly what they are looking for. We brought cars onto the home screen, giving users exposure to Recommended, Popular, or cars their Friends are discussing. We streamlined the process with a three-click fast search. In the end, no single app gets cars in front of buyers faster.
At the heart of the concept is the integration of social media. Car shoppers are invited to like, or share cars they find on the app., or save them to a personal My car4you area on the app., and on their Facebook page. This engages a discussion and feedback from their Facebook friends. As cars become more discussed, they will appear on the popular tab of the app home screen.

Car sellers can complete the process of creating an ad for their car 100% from their mobile phone, including a unique 360 degree photo upload. Once they have posted their ad, they can share it with the world via Facebook and Twitter reaching the largest possible audience of potential buyers