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January 9, 2011

Three New Websites for University of St.Gallen.

ICON has developed three new websites for the premier Masters programs of the University of St.Gallen.  The websites for The St.Gallen MBA, Executive MBA and Omnium Global Executive MBA are designed to meet the needs of three distinctive target audiences.  Each website features a clean, modern design, best practices in site development, and integrated social media and community features.


The St.Gallen MBA: Developing Responsible Leaders

The flagship, English language MBA program has a special challenge to raise awareness and recruit among top-tier candidates from across the globe.  Within Europe, The University of St.Gallen is highly regarded, but outside of Europe awareness is low.  Following the advent of the financial crisis we sought to carve a position of relevance by going to the core of the curriculum.  “Developing Responsible Leaders” speaks to the MBA programs mission to educate individuals with a view towards sustainable, long-term, responsible management.

The website integrates the St.Gallen MBA community directly into the website, in order to maintain as much of the activity on the core website, and not rely entirely on social media sites.