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We are working with Pharma's leaders to use digital marketing to solve real problems. The strict regulation of the pharmaceutical industry makes it difficult for companies to take advantage of the rapid evolution of digital marketing.

A Digital Community for Doctors Treating Rare Diseases

Actelion develops drugs to treat rare diseases, such as Niemann-Pick Type C. For Doctors treating rare diseases, consulting with other physicians is crucial. We developed a global community of doctors focused on treating and researching NP-C.

Available on desktop and mobile, doctors are able to search for colleagues by keywords or geography and then move to a private conversation.

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Independent Patient & HCP Information Site

For Vifor Pharma, we built a powerful information platform designed to reach and inform patient and health care professionals with information about iron deficiency. We created the global branding campaign including logo, advertising, brochures, info sheets, info graphics, and trade show booth.

Using Smart Search to Raise Awareness

Iron Deficiency is the most common nutrient deficiency, yet remains poorly diagnosed by doctors who fail to recognise the symptoms. Patients typically turn to search when experiencing symptoms they may not be aware of as warning signs of Iron Deficiency.

Interactive Tools and Resources

To help people engage with the content, we built the interactive "Symptom Finder" to help people better understand the symptoms of Iron Deficiency. The "Fatigue Survey" questionnaire is designed to better distinguish between simple, normal fatigue and a potential iron deficiency.


Global Life Science Leader

For Sigma Aldrich, a leading global Life Sciences company, ICON prepares multi-language print and trade show materials since over 10 years.

Mobile Medical Education Platform

For rare diseases, proper diagnosis by doctors is a challenge. In the case of Niemann Pick Type-C a standard eye examination can provide early indications of illness, yet most doctors fail to perform the examination properly.

For Actelion we produced a series of videos with a leading expert and developed the NeurOcular online clinic. Doctors can learn how to perform an exam, recognise the signs of defect, and read about the associated medical condition.

We built the website using responsive design. This allows doctors to use the tutorials on a phone or tablet in the actual examination room. We developed the complete concept including the name, logo, website, brochure and trade show booth.