Discover Your Car4You is a complete concept with the goal to elevate the experience of used car shopping. We began with a strategy to develop a new mobile app and then extended into a brand and communications concept.

Buy, Share, Sell

Most car apps focus on search, presuming a user already knows exactly what they are looking for. We brought cars onto the home screen with three ways to browse, via recommended, popular, or friends.

When you know what car you are looking for, no app gets you there faster than our three-click fast search.

Facebook Feed

Comment View

Single Car View

Social Media Integration

Social Media is at the heart of "Discover Your Car4You". Car shoppers are invited to like, or share cars they find on the app, or save them to their

Car sellers can post their cars on Facebook and Twitter reaching a world of potential buyers instantly. Click on any car to see what your facebook friends have to say about it, or add a comment of your own.