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8 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Remote Software Development [in 2021]

8 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Remote Software Development

The coronavirus crisis has reshaped the economic environment and its priorities.

As a matter of fact, almost all companies have been forced to quickly scale their technology skills or resources to cope with the digital transformation and this new work-from-home status.

Probably, your company has been dealing with the same issues, hasn’t it?

That’s exactly why, today, we’re gonna show you how opting for a nearshore software development solution is the best choice – now more than ever, thanks to its ability to provide you with the best remote market-knowledge and tech business experience, as well as allowing you to save a lot of money and effort.

What does Nearshore Software Development mean?

In a nutshell, nearshore development refers to the well-known practice of having work done in neighboring Countries which have a similar time zone to yours. 

The main benefits? Basically, they include the opportunity to work with highly skilled professionals who have familiarity with your local GDPR regulations, language, market needs, and culture.

The nearshore business practice may come to be your enterprise’s lifeline during the 2021 coronavirus crisis, since having a trusted nearshore IT partner can reduce the impact of any unexpected situation, helping your enterprise build engaging user experiences across digital products like websites and mobile applications.

Ready for an amazing statistic?

78% of businesses all over the world feel positive about their outsourcing partners (source: Deloitte). So, why are you waiting to join them in this digital transformation process?

Main reasons why you should opt for nearshore software development in 2021

Main reasons why you should opt for nearshore software development in 2021

1. Cost-effectiveness

The first reason why you should try nearshore development is its cost-effectiveness factor.

In fact, enterprises can save up to 50% on operating costs by nearshore outsourcing and now the percentage is estimated to be even higher, given the current worldwide situation and the general necessity to work with remote teams.

2. Easy access to senior talent

In-house software developers are expensive to hire and hard to retain: that’s why nearshore partnerships are the best solution to afford senior developerswith years of experience, and answer to your customers’ desire for better user experience.

Bear in mind that many companies like yours, at first, prefer to hire fledgling in-house junior developers instead of opting for senior remote talents: such a choice, in the long run, may cost your business dearly in terms of poor code skills and waste of resources.

So, even if IT software solutions have become increasingly complex (and developers more and more specialized), a nearshore partnership would allow you to afford all the required skills and meet your market needs!

3. Business transformation speed-up

Looking for a solution to ensure your company’s long-term success? If so, working with a creative nearshore partner can be perfect!

In such a highly competitive and digital-innovated environment, easily improving your software, user experience, and tech quality is essential to maximize your ROI performance and build a strong business that can survive any storm.

4. Risk Mitigation

Moreover, collaborating with the right nearshore team can help you mitigate risks associated with compliance and security.

Long-established companies, in fact, are up-to-date with global regulatory standards and build risk management considerations into their contracts, protecting their partners’ projects in case any crisis occurs.

Therefore, nearshore software development providers can support you also in uncertain times, by enhancing your organization’s technology ambitions and helping you reach your business goals!

Main reasons why you should opt for nearshore software development in 2021

5. Solid remote development expertise

Another valuable reason to adopt nearshore development is the ability to simplify your enterprise’s remote working strategy, one of the most challenging mind shifts of this period.

In 2021, the higher demand for collaborative tools and training, in terms of work-from-home (WFH) challenges, has become the CIOs and CEOs’ main concern: that’s why you will get a lot of benefits from collaborating with an IT remote development team which is used to working remotely, and can help your company build an effective WFH model.

Software companies, in fact, have always been experiencing remote work systems, so they have already been testing various tools and processes long before this global crisis arose!

6. Scalability, flexibility, agility

Now, let’s dig into the three main mantras of nearshoring: scalability, flexibility and agility, namely the most important rules of any modern enterprise.

Nearshore software development companies, can offer you a result-oriented attitude and high professional ethics standards, helping you easily scale your team according to your current needs, as well as helping you react to the crisis in a flexible and agile way, by-passing any HR added cost.

As a matter of fact, during challenging times, agility is crucial: reducing costs, improving adaptability and changing quickly are the most important values during troublesome periods like the current one.

That’s why daily stand-ups, demo sessions, and video-calls are so meaningful when you collaborate with distributed teams, and you can be sure that your nearshore partner will be used to having frequent online meetings and maintaining regular communication, allowing your company to enjoy working from home!

7. No time-zone issues

Another big reason to make such a choice is that nearshore would make you avoid the typical drawbacks of working with partners in faraway countries, just taking advantage of a convenient geographical proximity and offering cost-effective services (in comparison to the local ones).

This means working remotely at the same hours, and making Zoom or Skype calls in a straightforward way!

8. Cultural alignment

Last but not least: communication is always the main key!

Indeed, if collaborating on an offshore basis, with teams that are based on the other side of the world, may lack a cultural alignment with your market, that’s not true for nearshoring.

Actually, you wouldn’t have to cope with cultural business differences – or a big language gap – which might lead to misunderstandings, communication issues, and project delays: on the contrary, a nearshore collaboration is the perfect choice to develop projects that demand an agile and collaborative approach!


Main reasons why you should opt for nearshore software development in 2021

To sum up, an experienced nearshore software company can provide you with its huge know-how, access to talents, communication standards, remote infrastructure, and established team management.

So, that’s not just a matter of costs. The reasons to discover nearshoring are more than that: such a solution, in fact, will let your partner be fully in charge of your software project, so that you can focus your skills just on improving your business core processes!

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